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Graduate Programmes in Communication Studies, Canada

Areas of Concentration:

Brock -- The forms of Popular Culture, including both traditional literary texts or works of art as well as the mass media (television, film, radio, recordings, advertising, newspapers and magazines) and sport, rituals, fashion and fads.


Carleton – 4 areas of concentration: 1) history of communication and media systems; 2) communication/information technologies and society; 3) communication and social relations; 4) communication policy and political economy.


Concordia – cultural and social aspects of media and communication, with an emphasis on cultural studies, form and institutional context of media, theory and philosophy of communication.









McGill – “social and cultural dimensions of communication media, communication processes and technologies”.


SFU – areas listed: culture, policy, technology, political economy, development, risk, media studies, also a production aspect.


U of Calgary – instruction and research in the Program centres on the broad set of social issues that are emerging with the convergence of information and communication technologies ICT).Convergence in ICT is studied from various perspectives including: sociological, economic, technological, political, developmental, and culture.










University of Ottawa -- "two fields of specialization: Media studies and Organizational communication."

"Media studies examine the content and the modes of operation of traditional and new media in their social, cultural, political and regulatory contexts. Organizational communication focuses on the mechanisms of internal and external communication in private and public organizations, group and interpersonal interactions in the work place and media relations. Both teaching and research explore major issues related to new information and communication technologies in media and organizations at the national and international levels." (This is a new program that started a few uears ago at a bilingual institution. There may be language requirements.)


UWO – 3 thematic areas: 1) media cultures; 3) media industries; and 3) media technologies.


U of Windsor – communication and social justice – 2 approaches: 1) political economy and 2) critical cultural studies – also production aspect.


York/ Ryerson – 3 areas: 1) media and culture; 2) politics and policy; and 3) technology and practice, with applied component through Ryerson.











WLU -- New M.A. In Communication Studies

"The Master of Arts in Communication Studies aims to prepare students for further study at the graduate level or work in the area of communication studies. The program offers a unique specialization in visual communication and culture, focusing on an analysis of the fine arts, photography, film, television, new media, and architectural space. A second field of specialization is media, technology and culture, involving a critical analysis of theoretical issues such as global media cultures, cultural diversity, intellectual property, risk communication, gender, sexuality and communication, digital communication technologies, communication policy, and the politics and practices of communication.

The program emerges out of a commitment to providing a sustained critical and interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of the multiple dimensions of communication. In focusing on the fields of visual communication and culture and media, technology and culture, we seek to enable students to critically understand and engage the myriad forms of media, technology, and culture in a globalized information society and thereby to become more effective citizens of this society."

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What goes into an application?

I. Applications Forms and Fees


II. Official Transcripts


III. Letter or Statement of Intent


IV. Writing Sample(s)


V. Letters of Recommendation


VI. Curriculum Vitae

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VII. Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

(Mainly for those applying to US institutions)







Program Links for Communication Studies M.A. Programs in Canada:

Brock M.A. in Popular Culture

University of Calgary M.A in Communications Studies

Carleton University M.A. in Mass Communication

Concordia University M.A. in Media Studies

McGill University M.A. in Communication Studies

Ryerson University/York University Joint M.A. in Communication and Culture

Simon Fraser University School of Communication M.A

University of Western Ontario M.A. in Media Studies

University of Windsor M.A. in Communication and Social Justice

University of Ottawa M.A. in Communication

Wilfrid Laurier University M.A. In Communication Studies **NEW**


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